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Mid-life: Misery or Meaning?
Do you feel disappointed in your life?  Has your life not turned out the way you expected? Or, have you gotten everything you want but you still feel like your life is disappointing?  Do you want to crawl back into bed instead of getting up in the morning because life seems to take too much energy?

Have you achieved many of your goals but find your life isn’t as gratifying as you expected? Maybe your life hasn’t taken you where you wanted to go.  Are you wanting to start over but don’t have the energy?  You may be mired in a mid life-slump.  The good news is that there is help.

We are a generation that can expect to have a healthy extension of our lives. Many of us can expect to live well into our 80’s and 90’s.  Instead of going peacefully into old age, we have a second middle age after 50. An extra twenty or thirty years of good health and second or third careers are very much possibilities. Yet we may still carry the image from our own childhood of what grandparents are–people who are really old. What we are now coming up on are some scary-sounding ages, however we are fit, vital, and perhaps on the verge of reinventing ourselves.

What does this Transition mean? Depending on where you are in the process, mid-life can be exhausting, scary or empowering.  It may be different for all of us.

Some of the challenges to expect are:

  • Mid-life marriage changes
  • Changes in sex drive of you or your partner
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Death of parents
  • Hormonal and other body changes
  • Reinventing yourself over the upcoming years
  • A sense of loss–loss of youth, loss of a sense of endless possibility
  • Creating a new vision for your life
  • An authentic sense of meaning

Mid-life issues are one of Dr. Lee’s specialties.  Call (818) 519-8297 now to schedule a free phone consultation.

What would addressing these problems do for you or a loved one?

After being in therapy, clients report the following results: Clearer thinking, more peace of mind, better relationships, less stress, support in accomplishing goals, and better work-life balance.

Anxiety is dramatically reduced because the process of getting better becomes so much easier when guided by a licensed psychologist. As a result, people learn how to have more satisfying relationships, resolve conflicts, better manage depression and mood disorders, and increase coping skills for life’s challenges.

Have you identified with some of the challenges and problems listed above?

Would you like to see the kind of results that we talked about?

If yes, then please contact Dr. Evelyn lee at (818) 519-8297 for a consultation.